About Us

Sterling Sub Sea is a maritime Oriented  Commercial Diving, Repair and construction company with operation in Texas; Michigan; and Oregon, Washington, Oklahoma Iowa. We provide services in marine construction, Bulkhead repair and inspection, pile driving, dock facilities, sheet piling, Wooden or Steel Piling. Emergency Diving Services, bridge repair and inspection.

Our business is led by veterans who have the required skill set to take care of intricate maritime projects, providing customers with complete turnkey solutions.

Furthermore, we guarantee time-effective completion of projects with honesty and integrity that satisfies all your needs.

The Sterling Difference

What distinguishes us from the rest of the industry is our focus on new construction technology and concepts that are based on our experience. We champion innovation and train our team in the latest methods so they can continue to provide the best service in the ever-changing modern world.

Our Core Values


At Sterling, safety is more than a priority. It is integral to and incorporated naturally into every task. It has become a value that guides the way we think and work.  We carefully observe all regulations governing the industry and take the necessary steps to ensure safety on every project.

Quality Assurance

Quality is essential to the success of every project. However, at Sterling, we believe that quality takes more than just complying with a program. Therefore, we use best industry practices that are embraced by our senior management and embedded in Sterling’s culture.

Performance and Customer Satisfaction

Sterling believes that Communication, performance and customer satisfaction are closely aligned. Safety and quality assurance lead to excellent performance, but it doesn’t stop there. Sterling is dedicated to assisting our customers in meeting their performance goals.